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About Andy

Chinese-born and Western-educated barrister who has a genuine passion for criminal litigation.

Andy is a barrister sole. Barristers are lawyers who specialise in courtroom advocacy and litigation.

He specialises in both indictable and summary crime, including criminal trials, complex opposed bail applications, serious violence, drug, sexual offences, money laundering, serious traffic offences, regulatory offences, discharge without conviction and criminal appeals.

Andy also accepts briefs in High Court proceeds of crime and judicial review proceedings.

Andy is fluent in English and Mandarin. He is also admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland, Australia. Andy is able to apply his bi-cultural experiences and language advantages in defending clients in complex criminal cases.

Not every accusation is true. Many accusations are exaggerated or made up of a mixture of lies and truth. Andy has experience defending his clients in complicated criminal proceedings and helping the wrongly accused achieve the right outcome. Andy has also successfully argued applications for discharge without conviction for many of his clients who were facing a variety of charges. That means he has successfully helped them avoid criminal convictions.

As an independent courtroom specialist, Andy’s practice is primarily concerned with getting the law right. He is always motivated by the desire to protect the rights of his clients, represent their interests as robustly as possible, and fight for his clients fearlessly and ethically.

Andy won’t promise you the word and give you an unrealistic atlas. He will only give you the best and most realistic legal advice so you will know what to expect. He fights for you and will vigorously defend your case. He will not advise you to plead guilty simply because it is the easiest option.

Andy can utilise a team of experts, whom he works confidently with, to assist your case including forensic accountants, private investigators, psychiatrists, cultural experts, interpreters and other specialists.

Andy is based in Auckland but is available to accept private instructions across New Zealand.